Quiet Weekend

Sunday, February 16, 2019

We had a rather quiet weekend. Max had sinus infection last week that required a trip to the doctor for some antibiotic eye drops and Anne became ill with a cold Friday. We are both doing better but still coughing. Friday we did laundry, book work and in the afternoon road our bikes for about 8 miles around the island. Dan and Virgie, since this was their last weekend in the Keys, headed back to Key West. Mark went deep sea fishing with Jim and a member of the church and then he and Lisa and Sue went to a restaurant/marina down on Geiger Key Friday night. They said it was very good and we are probably going back there this Thursday. Saturday we again tried to get extra rest and did a short bike ride to Blue Hole.

Mark's delicious smoked brisket
Mark’s delicious smoked brisket

Today was of course church and brunch but then tonight we had a pot luck. Mark smoked us a brisket as well as some pulled pork. Very Good!! The rest of us brought sides and Pastor Will and Connie along with Jim and his wife and daughter joined us for a nice meal and time of fellowship. We are hoping to feel better and have good weather next weekend.

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