Closets Complete

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

It was another beautiful day in the lower Keys. This morning we met in Virgie and Dan’s RV for morning devotion and meeting. We had the devotion today and talked about paying attention. If we are to be like Jesus, we must pay attention to others, their needs, their hearts, the things that are important to them. We must do this for the people we lead, work with and really importantly, our family.

After devotion, the rest of the team returned to Dennis’s while Max and Anne went back to the house on Atlantis Street to complete the closet. We spent the morning working on the closet and also putting a couple of toggle bolts in the closet we finished yesterday. It just wasn’t quite as stable as we wanted and the toggle bolts took care of that perfectly. After lunch we installed the last two supports in the walk-in, vacuumed up the drywall dust and dirt called our assignment complete. Next we went back to Marathon to pick up more supplies. We are becoming regulars at Home Depot and are getting pretty good at finding what we need.


The rest of the team got the sink temporarily installed and plumbing working in Dennis’s kitchen. With some plywood for counter tops, he feels like he is ready to start cooking. He is even putting a few items in his cabinets. The baseboards and caulking were also completed today and they began reworking the bathroom. The team will be spending less time at Dennis’s over the next week or so while we are waiting on counter top and windows to be installed. We are almost done. There are several other homes waiting for work.


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