Different Work Today

Monday, February 10, 2020

This week will be a little different. We have two other volunteer groups working here at the church and in the area. Some of the new volunteers are sleeping on the floor here at the church and using the kitchen and fellowship hall for meals so this morning we meet in the Al-Anon meeting room. This morning Virgie shared from Mark 1:35. She talked about us finding our solitary place to get along with God and communicate. Jesus’ got along to pray to his father and we are to do likewise. Dan closed sharing this funny.

Today was a different work day. When we arrived at Dennis’s we discovered Trent, another worker with the conference, had gone there Friday and finished the bedroom flooring. What a wonderful surprise. Gumby struck again! That’s what Dan had planned for some of our team to do today. So, today Max and Anne went to the house Max worked on part of last week to to measure the closets and then to Home Depot to purchase all the necessary supplies for completing the closet. We completed one of the closets today and began the other bedroom closet. Dan and Sue completed the window trim that Sue and Lisa began last week. Then they were back at Dennis’s to join Virgie and Lisa and Mark continuing to work on base boards, caulking, installing a new window in the bathroom and working on the sink plumbing. As soon as the counter top people come Wednesday to do their measuring, we plan to install a temporary sink in the kitchen and then the bathroom sink can be demoed and the bathroom remodel move forward. Another busy day serving the people of the lower Keys.

Closet plan
We both forgot to take pictures today, so here is a picture of the detailed blueprint for one of the closets we worked on.

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