Another NOMADS Friday!!

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Of course, we get very little news about Alabama this for south in Florida. We barely get any news of anything north of Miami. However, thanks to the internet, and a few others, we have been able to find enough to know there was storm damage and to much rain in our home area. One place we saw that Oneonta had over 4 inches of rain the past 24 hours. We are still praying for every one in the path of these storms. Y’all be careful!

Jim brought us our devotion today and shared a little about himself. He spent the first 30 years running from God and the next 30 and continuing today serving God. He reminded us that we are not called to just be followers of Christ but to also be evangelists. Thanks, Jim for giving use that reminder.

This morning Gumby paid us another visit and Max and Mark went to a new house to work. The house is just a few blocks from Dennis’s and is right on the water. There they installed water shut off valves, smoke detectors, cabinets knobs and an electrical outlet. After lunch they took Lisa and Sue, our window sill team, over there to start on the window sills. After getting them set up, they returned to Dennis’s to install the final kitchen cabinet that arrived today. This morning at Dennis’s Anne and Virgie trimmed in the front bedroom and got the floor ready for the laminate. Lisa and Sue worked on caulking and trim painting. Jim worked on electrical problems and he and Dan worked on the closet door in the back bedroom. Dan also spent time today planning out the bathroom demo and rebuild that we will be working on next week.

Team Dinner at the Big Pine Rooster
Team Dinner at the Big Pine Rooster

It was another good day but we are all glad it’s our last day work this week. It’s time for some rest. We all went to dinner at the Big Pine Rooster tonight. Again, everyone enjoyed their food. We had some great baby back ribs. We don’t usually order BBQ at a seafood restaurant but two friends told us they we good so we give it a try. They were very good! No specific plans for the weekend so we will see what comes up.

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