Cabinets Finished

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

We are praying for our area of Alabama tonight as they are under a tornado watch until 11:00pm. We hope everyone stays alert and stay safe!

It was another busy day at Dennis’s house today and we again accomplished a lot. We are really enjoying our current team and glad we have had a few days for us to all work together. We are at that stage where you can really see the house coming together and beginning to look like a home. Max and Mark completed the installation of the cabinets today. They also installed the rim to enable the counter top guys to measure, and install the counter top. Hopefully that will occur next week. The kitchen looks so good even without the counter top. When we left for lunch today, Dennis was just sitting in the kitchen admiring his cabinets with a big smile on his face. Lisa and Sue completed the window trim in the living room and then worked on the caulking. The window trim adds so much. Great job ladies! Dan and Jim repaired the concrete slab in the front bedroom, installed some doors and Jim installed lights in the closets. Anne and Virgie painted doors, trim, and the front bedroom and closet. The closet and bedroom ceiling are complete and the bedroom walls are close. It is such a blessing for us to watch Dennis as he sees his house getting closer to completion. It’s made better because he now talks about how God sent us to him. He now gets why we do what we do. Such a blessing to us.

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