Getting Back On The Road

Sunday November 24, 2019

Gutter CleaningThis was a very busy week preparing to be back on the road again. We spent Monday cleaning gutters, cutting grass, and closing up our house. Tuesday was errand day to Oneonta and to see Aunt Helen and Aunt Jean one last time before going to our winter NOMADS project. We had also picked up a few additional shirts for them to go with the things we had taken previously. Hopefully they will be set until we return. Wednesday was errand day in Trussville. There were the final supplies/groceries, one last stop at Lowes and then buttoning up Aunt Helen’s house.

Steering stabilizer installedThursday, we were on the road again. We headed to Atlanta where we stopped in Austell to get a steering stabilizer installed on FRED at Safe-T-Plus. We overnighted in their parking lot with another RVing couple there for the same thing (They also have a Phaeton). Friday after a test drive, we headed on east. We decided to make a stop at National Indoor RV Center to look around. It was time for a break. After stretching our legs for a while we headed on east.

Geocache with a view
While stretching our legs at the South Carolina rest area and found this little geocache while walking along the beach.

We had planned to overnight just inside South Carolina but after a late lunch at the rest area we decided to drive on to the Freightliner Service Center in Gaffney, SC. That was one of the best decisions we have made in a while. We arrived about 5:00, plenty of time to set up before dark. Saturday would have been a horrible driving/set up day. It rained all day. Lots of rain! Thank you, God, for giving us that little nudge to move on down the road Friday. Even though it was nasty weather, we still made our required trip to Sunny’s Donuts to stock up for the weekend.

So we are in Gaffney and tomorrow FRED will have his annual checkup with all the fluid changes that go along with that. He also has one recall to be handled. Hopefully he will get a clean bill of health and we will be ready to travel for another year. It’s funny. It’s almost like going to the doctor. You hold your breath until they come tell you all the tests are normal. Hope everyone had a great weekend. We enjoyed streaming Lester Memorial’s service this morning on YouTube. Miss everyone already.

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