Back to the Mountain

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Wednesday morning we awoke to a cloudy and cold day in Gunter Hill COE campground but thankfully we were just far enough south that we had no freezing. By mid-day we were able to get out and walk through the park and do a little hiking on a trail. We would recommend Gunter Hill to anyone traveling in the Montgomery, AL area. Great level, concrete sites with nice spacing between sites and the Catoma Loop we were on had full hookups. Nice. We really enjoyed our mini vacation and escaped the 19 degree weather at home.


We returned home on Thursday to resume our work around the house and FRED. Saturday morning we went with some friends out to “the Star” and worked to get it ready to lite. The Star is a huge star on the side of our mountain that we light from Thanksgiving until the new year. It’s so large that pilots of airplanes on the flight path to land at the Birmingham airport will sometimes point it out to passengers. The star was originally the project of Max’s parents Sunday School class, many years ago. We have sort of inherited it so we still have friends that go with us each year to cut debris and replace bulbs. There is some climbing and repelling involved so we are really trying to recruit some younger help. Saturday was a gorgeous day for a hike and we all had a fun morning hiking to the star and working a while. Donna is going to order us more bulbs and once the power is turned on this week hopefully everything will be ready.


We also did another small modification to FRED Saturday afternoon. We needed another electrical outlet for the vanity and Max got that done. And we got some over-the-door hooks that we hooked on the bed frame to keep shoes out of the closet. Nice!


Today was another great day of worship at Lester Memorial. It was our last Sunday until March so we will really miss the Thanksgiving and Christmas services and festivities, but it is time for us to prepare to travel and get back to work helping restore lives and homes damaged by hurricane Irma.

One thought on “Back to the Mountain”

  1. It was good to see you. Safe travel and Happy Thanksgiving. Aunt Helen just couldn’t stay awake whileI was there but got to talk to Jean. She’s so funny.


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