Working to a Close

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

We are still loving our weather. For all the rain and yuck we had last week, we are having beautiful skies and temperatures this week. Jackets in the morning and t-shirts in the afternoon. Great!

Jenny and Tom shared with us during our devotional time. We all talked about what all of us thought we would be doing in retirement and how we ended up in NOMADS. How God brought us all to this place. We all have different backgrounds and experiences but Jesus brought us here to be His hands and feet and He is here with us.

We were all anxious to get started today. Tom and Reid and Suzanne returned to the inside work sanding drywall, and cleaning up from sanding drywall. Later in the day Jackie joined in and worked on priming the living room and kitchen. She got everything cut in today. Otherwise everyone was outside working on siding. The outside is really looking good. Bruce and Max, Jackie and Michael completed the front of the house today. It looks great! Now it just needs a front deck. Anne, Jenny and Hilary worked on siding on the back and side of the cottage. We are hoping it can be at least close to completed tomorrow. We will see how it goes. We will be pushing to the end.

Starting To Finish

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

It was another wonderful day in Sebewaing. We are so blessed to have great weather this last week. It is allowing us to accomplish more than we thought possible.

Of course we started our day with devotion after which we headed straight to work. Today Anne, Jenny and Jackie started with sanding drywall. After that was done they went outside to join Hilary and Bruce working on siding. Suzanne inspected the front bedroom and decided it was ready for paint and before the day was over the bedroom ceiling and walls had a coat of primer. Max and Tom completed the drywall installation in the bathroom. Max and Micheal then insulated the back door and installed the brick mold, while Tom worked on the tape and mud in the bathroom. Tom completed the first coat just before our work day was over. Max worked with Bruce part of the afternoon on siding on the front and also with Michael on the siding on the back. Anne, Hilary and Jenny completed the siding on the north side of the house. With the plumbing complete Reid put another coat of mud in the drywall in the living room and kitchen. Hopefully that area will be ready for primer tomorrow. Only two more days but things are coming together. After work there was another short session of pickle ball and then we all watched the space station pass over our area. Nice end to a nice day.

(If you want to find out when the space station is visible in your area click here.)

Start Of Our Last Week In Michigan

Monday, October 07, 1019

Gorgeous fall day in Sebewaing! No working in the rain today. It was great. We of course started the day with devotion which today was led by Suzanne who used John 2:1-11. She talked about the extraordinary things Jesus did and then reminded us that each of us is extraordinary. The love of Jesus makes each one of us extraordinary.

After devotion we talked about all that has been accomplished thus far and what we want to try to get done this week and then headed back to work. Max, with Tom and Mike went back to work on hanging the drywall. At the end of the day they have 2 sheets remaining. They had to wait for the electrical to be completed before hanging the last pieces. The plumbing rough-in is complete, tested and there were NO leaks. Don’t know if we are doing the final plumbing. Anne and Jenny went to work on doing the second coat of mudding on the bedroom and got that completed. Jackie and Hillary were also working on mudding in the living room and kitchen until Hillary started priming the loft area. Anne and Jenny joined Jackie and we think at the end of the day we had all but one outside corner with either one or two coats of mud. We are making good progress. The camp is very pleased. They were afraid we would not have time to get the drywall completed and none of them were looking forward to mudding and taping and sanding. Continuing to pray that we remain safe and accomplish what God wants us to do.

Last Weekend In Sebewaing

Sunday, October 6, 2019

First let us ask for prayers again for our friend Carol. She has her first chemo tomorrow.

So what did we do this weekend? Thursday night was another noisy night with train traffic and we got a slow start to our day on Friday as a result. It was cold and blustery, cloudy and scattered rain. We decided to stay home and do laundry and catch up on some business. In between showers we walked back downtown to the post office with mail and since the rain ended for a while we walked back to the marina and some other areas of town we had not visited before. The camp had Fall Family Fun Days beginning at 3:00 Friday afternoon and we were surprised at the number of RV’s and even tent campers that arrived in spite of the cold temperatures expected. There was a large crowd with lots of children and youth. All the events were free including zip line, mini-golf, laser/arrow tag, archery, hayrides, pumpkin painting, camp fires, donuts, roasted marshmallows and s’mores. Even the food was free. This is a weekend to introduce kids and their families to the camp in hopes of getting the kids back for summer camp. It was a very good weekend for the camp.

Saturday the weather improved and by mid-morning we were seeing some sunshine. We went to Bay City State Park and Tobico Marsh Nature Trail to hike. There was a well done museum at the visitor’s center and the ranger who greeted us was very knowledgeable about the area and the trails. There was a box turtle in a terrarium at the desk so we of course included Aunt Jean’s box turtle Newdul in our conversations. We hiked about 6 miles on the nature trail and the loop around the lagoon. We also walked down to the beach before heading back to Sebewaing. The trees are finally beginning the show some nice colors and with the sun and calmer winds, it was a wonderful day to be out in the woods.

Today we went to the early service at Trinity UMC, which is their more contemporary service. We were again warmly welcomed by the pastor and congregation. We have enjoyed our time of worship with this small group of believers. After worship, most of the team returned to the Lamplighter for brunch before returning to the camp. We really enjoyed our pickleball lesson from Bruce and JackieWe had a pot luck tonight so some time was spent preparing our contribution to dinner. This afternoon, Bruce and Jackie set up a portable pickleball court for us in the youth center. They were the only ones who had played before. They were great teachers and soon we were all having a great time and getting some great cardio exercise even if we were just beginners at the game. Hopefully we will get some additional playing time in the afternoons this week. Thanks, Bruce and Jackie! It was a great weekend. Hope you all had a great weekend too. We have four more days to accomplish as much as possible for the camp. It will be a busy week.

Beautiful flowers we saw at a local greenhouse on the road to Bay City
Beautiful flowers we saw at a local greenhouse on the road to Bay City