Working to a Close

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

We are still loving our weather. For all the rain and yuck we had last week, we are having beautiful skies and temperatures this week. Jackets in the morning and t-shirts in the afternoon. Great!

Jenny and Tom shared with us during our devotional time. We all talked about what all of us thought we would be doing in retirement and how we ended up in NOMADS. How God brought us all to this place. We all have different backgrounds and experiences but Jesus brought us here to be His hands and feet and He is here with us.

We were all anxious to get started today. Tom and Reid and Suzanne returned to the inside work sanding drywall, and cleaning up from sanding drywall. Later in the day Jackie joined in and worked on priming the living room and kitchen. She got everything cut in today. Otherwise everyone was outside working on siding. The outside is really looking good. Bruce and Max, Jackie and Michael completed the front of the house today. It looks great! Now it just needs a front deck. Anne, Jenny and Hilary worked on siding on the back and side of the cottage. We are hoping it can be at least close to completed tomorrow. We will see how it goes. We will be pushing to the end.

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