Completed Our Work At Bay Shore Camp

Thursday, October 10, 2019

We finished the Sebewaing project with another day of glorious weather. Perfect for working outside, and we had a lot of outside work today.

Reid started our day with devotion. He shared an excerpt from “This Far By Faith” by Faith Fowler an intercity Detroit pastor. Through her leadership, impoverished urban areas are being transformed. Reid has been involved in building some tiny homes for the homeless as part of the ministry there.

Today we all worked very hard to get as much done as possible for Bay Shore Camp. We have all grown to love the staff here and appreciate their passion for ministry. There are so many young people who come to summer camps and have their first introduction to a life with Christ while here. It is joy to be a small part of this ministry. We are blessed to be a blessing.

So how was our little cottage at the end of our last day in this beautiful place? The siding on both side walls is complete. The siding on the front of the cottage is complete (except the little bit at the peak) and we even got the French door lock installed today. The siding on the back is complete to the level of the special trim for the eave. Max and Tom and Hilary got that area ready and David, the facilities manager, plans to have some of his guys complete that area soon. Inside, the bedroom is painted. The walls need a second coat of paint but the room looks good. The living room and kitchen walls have been primed. The bathroom drywall has been completed and needs a final light sanding and then primer and paint. The cottage is not complete but the camp is very pleased with the amount of work we completed. They feel that with all we have done, they can finish it up themselves. We will be anxiously awaiting pictures of the completed project.

The team went out to dinner tonight at the Lamplighter and Jeff and his wife Cindy joined us. It was another wonderful time of fellowship and sharing. We said our goodbyes and thank yous to Jeff and Cindy and hope we can return here sometime to work with them again. We will wait and say our goodbyes to the team tomorrow. Put it off as long as possible. This has been a wonderful team. Tomorrow we all head back south.

The team at the end of the project
The team at the end of the project

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