End Of Week One at Bay Shore Camp

Thursday, September 26, 2019

It was long sleeve weather today, 60 when we got up and the high was 66 with wind. It was a sunny day so as long as you were in the sun it was nice but shade made it really cool.

Eight hundred people are scheduled to be at the camp this weekend. It’s a Mennonite educational conference for their teachers. All eight hundred can’t stay here but they are staying in the area and having their sessions here.

Devotion today was by Jackie and Bruce with Jackie reading a story based on a farmer’s horse running away. Friends told him how sorry they were for his bad luck. Farmer said “Good luck, back luck – who’s to say?” Horse returned with 5 additional wild horses, and friends said what good luck you have that you can train and sell the horses for good money. Farmer said “Good luck, bad luck – who’s to say?” The store continues with the point that we never know what is in our future. Sometimes what looks like our worst day turns out to be our best. God sees the big picture – the complete picture. We must learn to trust God.

After devotional time this morning, we all headed back to our work from yesterday. Jackie and Hilary, heading up our house wrap team, wrapped our cottage up today, except for the high eaves. The scaffold wasn’t delivered until late this afternoon so the eaves will be done next week. Max and Bruce completed the installation of the old front door as the back door. Anne and Jenny worked to ready the bedroom for insulation and drywall. Nailers had to be installed for the ceiling drywall as well as the removal of some of the foam insulation so the drywall can be installed flush to the rafters. Shims had to be applied had to a number of the studs because of the difference in thickness of some of the 100 year old roughsawn 2×4’s. Tom and Mike worked on the shower installation, bath vent installation and PTAC housing (packaged terminal air conditioner) installation. Suzanne worked to keep us in all the supplies we needed and was always available to help with problems. It was the end of a very productive week. We still have a long way to go on the Tibbits cottage but we have made a good start. We are all tried and glad it is NOMADS Friday. We hope to get a little rest and have some fun this weekend.

Old Sebewaing Fire Station
Old Sebewaing Fire Station

Tonight we walked to the downtown marina and checked out some of the boats. This is a big fishing area and it looked like all the boats were for fishing on Lake Huron. After the marina, we walked to the “historic” downtown area which they are trying to revitalize. It still has a lot of vacant store fronts but things are looking better. Next Thursday there will be a festival there which we plan to attend.

One thought on “End Of Week One at Bay Shore Camp”

  1. Its been fun to watch the progress on this cabin in just one week. Amazing. I’ll enjoy NOMADing vicariously through you two in the coming months and I know your blog will mean even more to me than it does now. Love you both. Carol


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