Wednesday Wrap

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Today was suppose to be sunny and it was for a while this morning. Then the rain came and the power went out. We have a lot of battery powered tools so it really didn’t stop us from working. We just all moved inside and found something else to do for a while. It gets a little crowded in the little cottage with all ten of us inside. Fortunately for us, the chef for Bay Shore had lunch almost ready before the power went out. The camp staff has lunch together every day and they have invited us to eat with them. It’s been really good food as well as good fellowship. Today was a chicken and stuffing casserole and a great salad and soup. We aren’t cooking in FRED or eating out very much.

The power was back on after lunch and we were back to work. The big news of the day is that the French doors on the front of the cottage are installed. The new front bedroom window is also installed. The house wrap is on two sides. The sheathing is all up too. It was great to complete some of the projects we began on Monday. There was also progress made in the bathroom and on the loft drywall. It was a really productive day.

After hours are fun too. The camp is a good place to walk and we have been playing ping pong most afternoons. One more work day this week.

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