A New Adventure

Friday, September 6, 2019

It was just like a work day today, up at 5:30. We planned to leave at 8:00 and we had one couple leaving at 6:00 so we needed to be moving early. Tom and Betty pulled out just as they scheduled and then we got busy doing our final prep of refrigerator, cabinets, etc. We then went ahead a did our morning walk since we knew it was going to be a long drive today. We made our planned departure time after getting our final hugs from our team members. We will see several of them at annual meeting but don’t know when we will be back with some. Safe travels to all. It was a great team.

We headed northwest from New Lisbon, on I-94. After about 90 miles we changed to US 53 for another 325 miles and arrived at Rainy Lake RV park just east of International Falls, Minnesota about 4:15. We came here to visit Voyageurs National Park. We have never visited this park or Minnesota so we should be able to add the state for FRED, get our national park passport stamped and find a geocache or two while we are here. We have a few days until we need to be in Illinois for the NOMADS annual meeting so it seems a good time to take a few days to play. It was an uneventful drive although a little harder due to the gusty winds. We stopped about every two hours to walk and change drivers. We really enjoyed the scenery going north in Wisconsin. Beautiful rolling hills of farm and forest land. After only about an hour we could see more color in the leaves. The further north we drove, we noted the steeper the pitch on the roofs of the barns and homes.  That means there is too much snow for us to live here.  We also got to see Lake Superior today. Another first for us. We crossed into Minnesota at Duluth, but sadly, no time to stop and shop at Duluth Trading today. As we continued to drive north, we noted a big change in the species of trees we were seeing, and of course more color change in the leaves. The leaves are by no means at peak but there are some bright reds and yellows to be enjoyed. It was a good day. Tomorrow we will head to the park.

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