Last Day

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Our last day in Winding Rivers proved to be another beautiful day. We had another cool night, just perfect for sleeping and a beautiful blue sky morning.

Max and Anne led devotion today using Psalm 46:1-3 as our scripture, and talked about how we can stop the spiritual hurricanes that come against people. This happens as we respond to everything we encounter with Christ’s Spirit and His love. Such an attitude can turn the tide of despair into an understanding that Jesus can meet a person’s every need. Jesus will be with them in every storm of life. The last day of a project tends to mean our meeting gets a little emotional and today was no exception. It’s hard to say goodbye to the great new friends we have made and the old friends we have come to love even more.

We eventually got back to work with Anne, Betty and Sue heading back out to Liana’s. It took just a couple hours to complete the touch up sanding and priming of the basement. We took Liana’s Bible to her house and left it for her with a note. Tonight we received a sweet text from her thanking us for all we did at her house and wishing us all well. With that was done, the ladies returned to the church to join the rest of the team. Nancy was hard at work completing the sanding of the drywall in the sanctuary. Unfortunately that project didn’t get completed because there was no paint. The Lord must want one of the church members to get the joy of completing the sanctuary painting. The remainder of the day was spent completing the sheathing on the new bathroom addition. We were able to close in two sides of the addition before we ran out of OSB. The Lord must want someone else to have the joy of completing that project, also.

This evening we presented a Bible to Nate’s fiance and then another to Rhonda and Denise. Special times. We weren’t able to contact Isaac so will leave that Bible with Pastor Deb. We did talk to JJ and wrote him a note and left his Bible with the preacher too.

After the Bible presentation at Rhonda’s, we went to Pastor Deb’s house for a pot luck dinner with some of the church members we have worked most closely with. Larry grilled pork tenderloin’s and chicken. Thanks so much, Deb and Larry, for opening your beautiful home to us. We had a wonderful meal and the company was even better. Such a beautiful part of Wisconsin. We understand why you like to sit on your front porch.

Our time in Wisconsin is now over. It has been great! Winding Rivers gets the prize for amazing hospitality. We will miss the people of this congregation. They are loving and caring. It is wonderful to see them outside the doors of the church building caring for their community. We will continue to carry them in our hearts and prayers and hope to return one day. Thanks to everyone for making this a great project!

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