Sunday Picnic

Sunday, August 25.2019

Another beautiful and cool Sunday. We again walked in the early morning coolness before getting ready for church. Church today was an outdoor service with a picnic following. As one of the church-goers said “Feed them and they will come”. Well, there was a larger crowd today for the service and picnic. The increase may have also been because they were paying tribute to their retiring organist. It was primarily a music based service and we closed with the organist’s favorite song, “Freely, Freely”. The hot dogs, brats, and sides with lots of desserts were really good. It was a fun time. In the afternoon we rode out to a new job site to take a look around. The home owner was not there but the person there told us how to get in tomorrow and where we are suppose to be working.

Later in the afternoon Nancy got us all together to play a new game which was a good time for us to all start getting to know one another. Then we had another wonderful meal by Roxy of homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. It’s just cool enough here in Wisconsin that we all really enjoyed this comfort food meal. It was then time for our weekly meeting and discussion of the project and then back to the rig for our hot tea. Looking forward to another productive work week. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

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