Yet Another Three House Day

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Today was a mixed bag. It was very cloudy this morning but we had some nice sun this afternoon and a high of 83. We have a cold front coming through tonight which will keep temps lower for the next few days.

Today Nancy and Gary led devotion. As usual they sparked some good discussion, this time about the importance of embracing Godly relationships. We then discussed the accomplishments of yesterday and the headed back to Rhonda’s and Nate’s while Max went back to the lumber company to get more materials. After delivering the lumber to the crew at Nate’s, Max headed over to Rhonda’s to pick up Anne and Nancy. They had been staining the last of the interior doors and casings in hopes that they would be dry enough to install by late afternoon. After that was done Anne, Max and Nancy headed back to Mauston to JJ’s house, leaving Norm and Gary to work on installing an exterior door and more siding. At JJ’s there was drywall to patch and vinyl plank flooring to install. The flooring was a real puzzle. Sometime back, the basement started to flood so JJ pulled up a portion of the flooring. Now because there is no extra of the flooring we had to determine how to re-install damaged flooring. We are making progress but, it’s a puzzle sorting out the pieces and lining them back up to make complete rows. We also got the drywall patched, taped and mudded today.

Stel, Jodi and Harry returned to Nate’s and finished framing one wall and started another. That house is almost ready for the electrician and plumber.

Tonight was another great meal prepared by some of the ladies of the church – baked ziti with meatballs and a nice tossed salad and garlic bread and, of course, desserts. Tonight we also had some cheese curds and various cheeses from a local dairy. It was all so very good. Time for a bath and bed.

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