Starting Week Three

Monday, August 19, 2019

Another beautiful Monday in New Lisbon, Wisconsin. We were up early and got a good walk in the fresh cool morning air. We are enjoying starting our days with a walk in the cool temperatures.

We led devotion this morning using a YouVersion Bible app devotion as our basis.

After devotion and meeting, Anne and Nancy, Gary and Norm went back to Rhonda’s house. Anne and Nancy worked on texturing the kitchen ceiling, and painting the upper portion of the walls. Later they began staining boards for the door frames. Gary and Norm worked on the exterior siding and removed an exterior door and began the repairs for the reinstall. Progress was made in all areas. Stel, Jodi and Harry went back to Nate’s where they completed the subfloor, removed the old ceiling, worked on laying out walls and moved the tub into the house after it was delivered. Max went to JJ’s house, which will be a new project for us beginning tomorrow. He and Lynette, our UMCOR representative met the home owner and reviewed the scope of work. Max found some drywall repairs and repairs of vinyl plank flooring needed to be completed. It was a busy day for all. There is much work to be done and we are already feeling a little pressure. We have eleven work days remaining on this project and would love to see the homes of Teresa, Rhonda, Ilana, Nate and JJ completed.

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