First Work Day In Wisconsin

Monday, August 5, 2019

The first work day of our DR project in New Lisbon, WI. Firsts are always exciting. Before work we walked for about 20 minutes. Not quite as long as we would like but all we had time for this morning. The country road in front of the church has very little traffic so we are combining walking on the church property and the road. Certainly not as nice a walking area as some projects but it’s working.

Then it was time for our morning meeting. Barb lead our devotion time today and had us all read a part. We were all various tools in the carpenter’s shop. Today Anne was the screw and Max was the plane. The point being we are all tools in the work of Jesus here on earth. We all have a purpose and we all contribute God’s plan if we allow him to use us. Good reminder as we start working in Wisconsin.

After devotion we talked about the various houses needing work and what Lanette our project liaison considered our priorities for today. Max and Anne, joined by Harry, began work in Teresa’s house located about twenty minutes from the church outside of the town of Mauston, WI. Jack came with us to introduce us to Teresa, explain the scope of our work and get us started. He then left and went to another job site where the team worked last week. We first took down part of a wall and then framed in a new wall. We usually feel the first day is a really slow start but today went well. Harry is a new NOMAD. This is his first project but he really jumps in and gets to work. He is very knowledgeable and with the three of us talking through our work plan, we were able to get a lot done. We rebuilt the wall and installed most of the drywall. The remaining portion may go a little slower but we were pleased with what was done today. Out at the other job, Jack, Barb, Calvin, Marsha and Norm completed their tasks. However, as of this afternoon, other tasks have been added to that job site and after a contractor completes some of his work, NOMADS will probably be back to work there.

Today was another beautiful day but tonight we are again experiencing nasty thunderstorms. We have been under a severe thunderstorm watch since before lunch that continues until 10:00pm. The parking lot is full of water and the winds have had FRED rocking tonight. We had a little hail but fortunately nothing of any size. We are surprised at the weather. Thunderstorms three nights in a row. We could stay in Alabama for that. The prediction is more of the same tomorrow but then we get a significant drop in temperatures and some nicer weather. Hope they are right.

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