First Sunday at Winding Rivers UMC

Sunday August 4, 2019

It was a beautiful morning in New Lisbon, WI. It was 62 degrees when we did our walking before church. It warmed on up this afternoon to the mid 80s and then we had more afternoon rain and cooler temps. Nice.

Worship at Winding Rivers UMCWe worshiped with the congregation at Winding Rivers UMC and were made to feel very welcomed. The pastor is on vacation and will be back Thursday so a lay speaker from another church brought the message from James 2:15-17. We sometimes say “I believe in God But…..I want to be independent or I want to be happy at all costs, or ….. whatever it is for us. Is our faith dead? Good message from Pastor Carla. She is also an UMCOR trained case manager for the flood rebuilding efforts. We were impressed with the small congregation. They are very active in their community with all types of outreach activities including, of course, the flood assistance. Tonight the church fed the team a wonderful meal before our team meeting. We got to spend some time getting to know the church members better and then time getting to know our team members. Our leaders Barb and Jack gave us general information about the project and area and we will lean more about our particular assignments tomorrow. There are about 150 homes in need of repairs which is why we already have NOMADS teams scheduled for next year.  It was a good day and we feel like we will enjoy working here.

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