Sunday, July 21, 2019

Another load for the church and Hope House
Another load for the church and Hope House

It was another very busy week doing similar things as last week in Tuscaloosa except this week was at our house and Aunt Helen’s. There were trips to Hope House and the church for the Mission Market donations. We also had a routine meeting at the nursing home regarding Jean, a doctor’s appointment for Jean and a doctor’s appointment for Max. Jean’s hand is continuing to heal nicely. It has been amazing for some one 96 years old to recover a quickly and uneventfully as Jean. In between all that Anne has been working on some NOMADS work. Our real focus was our house – trying to reduce our stuff so that it fits in the RV. Hard work! Max also spent a lot of his time digitizing slides and pictures. He has been a photographer for so many years it has been a daunting task. We were faithful with our exercise for the week, even thought it was still so hot. Looking forward to the predicted cooler temperatures this next week.

Discovery worship serviceThis weekend was Discovery weekend for the youth at our church so today’s service was done by the youth. What an awesome service. The Holy Spirit really showed up. We have really enjoyed being back at our home church. One more week at home and then we will be on the road again.

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