More Cleaning Out Houses

Sunday, July 14, 2019

OOPS!  Discovered tonight that we never posted the blog entry we made for last week. It has hung out all week in draft mode. Sorry about that.

It was another really hot week in Alabama. We spent a lot of the week cleaning out Anne’s mom’s house in Tuscaloosa and taking things to charities, A lot of progress was made since both brothers were there for a day or so. We will be glad when that job is complete but we aren’t there yet. We also worked on cleaning out our house and taking things to charities. We hope to put the house on the market in the next few months but not sure when that will happen. We are determined that our family will have little to do when we are gone. Still lots to do at our house too. Then there was the same at Aunt Helen’s house along with some more yard work.

Thursday Aunt Jean went back to the doctor for a dressing change on her hand. He was pleased with the healing and the “boxing glove” size dressing was changed for a much smaller one. It was a painful exchange but Jean is much happier with the smaller dressing. Next week the sutures come out. We have been very pleased with her progress and the fact that she has really had remarkably little pain. She is one tough lady.

Of course today we worshiped with our church family in Oneonta. The worship service was such a blessing. Great music and preaching. Hope you all have had a great Sunday too.

Update on The Constructors for Christ project at Hodge Missionary Baptist Church:

Much has been accomplished in the last two weeks. Most of the sheathing is on on the roof and sides, much of the electrical and HVAC has been roughed in, the second floor decking and stairs are in, and some windows were installed. Some of the replacement trusses were were delivered this week, also. Keep the project in your prayers.

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