Back to Three-way Split

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Cheri provided us a wonderful devotion this morning made even better by her beautiful singing voice. She reminded us to worship God in all we do every day and in everything we do.

We were split three ways again today. Mary, Randy and Gary went to Mr. Harry’s house to install the new steps on his front porch. They seemed to enjoy being outside and away from drywall dust. And they got to meet the homeowner who was also working on his house today. He is still living in a FEMA trailer in his front yard and really anxious to get back in his own home. The team finished the steps and will work on the railing tomorrow.

Lisa, Mark, Cheri and Butch went back to Ms. Pam’s house to build a new half wall in the kitchen, work on plumbing and, of course, continue finishing drywall. Butch installed a toilet for the crew so they don’t have to drive to the convenience store at every break. That made that job site so much better. He also, pulled the water heater from Ms. Pam’s travel trailer to see if he can get it working. It’s always great to have a plumber on the team.

More drywall finishing at Norwich Dr
More drywall finishing at Norwich Dr

Stel, Jodi, Anne and Nancy went back to Norwich Dr. to work on drywall. Harry took Janet to the urgent care this morning (Louisiana Crud) and then worked at Norwich Dr. Max got the other two job sites started then also worked on drywall at Norwich.

We are all tired this evening.

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