On To Kerrville

Friday, January 25, 2019

This morning was another beautiful morning in Falfurrias. Still a little cool at 43 this morning when we got up. We slept about an hour later than normal after our busy day yesterday. We first completed Fred’s travel day preparations. Then we walked down to Whataburger to pick up breakfast and returned to eat in Fred. It was then time to raise the jacks, air up the air bags, hookup the truck and then say our goodbyes to our team. Today we were the first to leave at 9:35 so we got hugs from everyone. We look forward to working with this group of NOMADS sometime soon. It’s been another great team.

After our hugs, we headed toward San Antonio, Tx with Anne driving the first leg. We headed out like we came in, on US 281 toward Alice. Rather then turning toward Corpus Christi, we continued on 281 toward San Antonio. Before arriving in San Antonio we stopped at a rest area and changed drivers. Today Max got the hardest part of the drive going through all the construction on I-10 in San Antonio. There were some really tight cattle chutes and nasty road construction. From there we continued north on I-10 toward Kerrville, in the hill country of Texas. Tonight we are comfortably parked in the Kerrville-Schreiner Park right on the Guadalupe River, and plan to be here for a week. This park was a Texas State Park at one point but was transferred to the city of Kerrville.

Anne’s cousin Ross, and his wife Barb from Houston have a house just down the road from the park and are spending the weekend here so we can spend some time together. It is great to see them. The past several years it seems we only see cousins at funerals so it’s nice to spend some good time visiting. Barb and Ross came to the park shortly after our arrival and took us on a drive of the immediate area so we could get our bearings. Since tomorrow may be wet, we also drove up one of the hills to The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Gardens. What a wonderful garden in the shape of a cross. In the centerpiece of the gardens is the 77 foot 7 inch Empty Cross. Click here for more information on the gardens and cross. There are many beautiful sculptures in the park as well. We might try to go back to see the cross at night.

Click this picture to see the Google imagery of the prayer gardens
Click this picture to see the Google imagery of the prayer gardens

After a quick tour of the town, we had an early dinner. Later we went to Ross’s house and just sat around and visited. Good times.

texas deer
After dinner Ross and Barb drove us through a subdivision that is known for its deer population

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