Another Project Completed

Thursday, January 24, 2019

It was cold this morning with a low of 35 but the wind was not nearly as bad as yesterday. By lunch it was great working weather with a bright blue sky and bright sunshine.

Dave and Rita led us in devotion today and talked to us about being worker bees. Dave read Ecclesiastes 3:1-13. The Bible speaks to us about work. What do workers gain for their toil? What does God gain from their toil. A bee makes 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey over its lifetime but that 1/12 teaspoon is necessary for the pint of honey sitting on my shelf. No one’s work is insignificant. It just might be the 1/12 teaspoon needed to complete the pint. Jar of honeyGod needs all our work to take care of His children and His earth. After devotion Dave and Rita gave us each a pint of honey from one of the church members and his bees. It is virgin honey primarily from Mesquite and other native flora and it is very good. We will forever remember the 1/12 teaspoon each worker bee makes in its life. Almost makes one feel guilty for covering a big biscuit with tablespoons of honey. Thanks Rita and Dave.

Today most of us headed back out to Josefina’s house to try to finish everything up. Stel, Jodi and Bev stayed at the church to do some touch up painting and cleaning up of that project. God really blessed us and with us all working together we were able to complete the back steps and handrails as well as the touch up painting, water heater shelter, and clean up by about 12:30. Didn’t think we would get it all done that quickly.



After lunch Max and Anne reinstalled the shoe mold in the church restrooms. The bathrooms look so much nicer now. The doors that Bev and Jodie sanded and touched up the stain and polyurethane look great. They make the entire narthex look better.

Church dinner for NOMADS and Winter Texans
Church dinner for NOMADS and Winter Texans

This team has been another great one. We’ve completed all the tasks we were asked to complete plus a few other things we just did because they needed to be done. We made wonderful new friends and have been blessed by the sweet congregation at Falfurrias UMC. Tonight the church gave an appreciation dinner for the NOMADS and the winter Texans. We had an authentic TexMex dinner prepared by the ladies of the church. Everything was wonderful. We will be sad to leave tomorrow but hope to return here another year.

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