Drippy, Dreary, Driving Day

January 2, 2018

The first part of New Year’s Day was spent organizing and putting away things in Fred as well as some book work. Then, since we are so close to everything in Tuscaloosa, we also decided to do a little shopping. Unfortunately, our purpose for the trip to Tuscaloosa, showing Mama Ruby’s house to a prospective buyer, did not work out. The gentleman was sick and unable to make the drive and rescheduled with Jim to visit the end of the week. We left Tuscaloosa for the drive back to the mountain about 3:00, leaving Fred at Mama Ruby’s.

Damp Drive DayThis morning, we were at the courthouse at 8:00 and first in line for purchasing new tags. Fortunately it was a very quick procedure and after short visits with a few friends at the courthouse we were on our way. We stopped by the nursing home to see the LOL’s and say goodbye. They probably won’t remember, but we told them we were going to Texas for a mission project. The rain started shortly after leaving Oneonta. There was a short break in the rain so we were able to hook up the truck to Fred without getting wet. It was raining again as we drove to the interstate and it continued to rain all the way to Baton Rouge. The intensity varied greatly but it was always at least misting. About 1.5 hours before arriving, we hit fog. Most importantly, in spite of the rain, drizzle, and fog, we arrived safely in Baton Rouge about 4:30. Thank you, God, for safe travel!

Almost immediately upon arriving at Francis Asbury UMC, we met the new volunteer coordinator, Linda. Very sweet lady and we look forward to working with her this year. Glenda, who was our contact last year, retired. Hope she is enjoying retirement! We scheduled dinner tonight with Laraine, the pastor over all the mission efforts, including disaster recovery, of the LA conference. We met her at a new-to-us restaurant, Walk On’s. It is a local restaurant/sports bar with very good food. We will definitely ask the team if the want to return here. It was so great to see Laraine again. We had a wonderful meal together and a great time of conversation. Everyone is excited that the NOMADS will be back to work in February and again made us feel so welcomed. We are tired, but it was a very good day.

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