Short Travel Day

Monday, December 31, 2018

Today's radarHappy New Years Eve! Please be careful everyone. We have been hearing fireworks exploding since early afternoon.

Yesterday was a cloudy day with rain scheduled to begin again in the afternoon. We went up to Helen’s and visited with Randy and Debra, Dave and Jennifer until time for church. We had one combined service at 10:00 in the sanctuary. It’s nice to worship in our sanctuary. Pastor Harvey challenged us with three questions that Mary addresses in her ‘Magnificat’ – Luke 1:46-55.

Do you fear God? Are you willing to be a disciple? Do you desire to be filled with the Holy Spirit? Questions we all need to think about.

After worship we went to see the LOL’s at the nursing home. Randy and the rest of the family were there as well. After visiting a bit, we headed back to the mountain grilled a steak for lunch and then did some more cooking preparing for our travels – baked spaghetti and chicken and dressing casserole. We learned that someone wants to look at Anne’s mom’s house on Monday or Tuesday so we worked hard all afternoon on the final packing.

This morning we were up and moving early because it appeared the rain would hold off until about 1:00, meaning if we were on the road by 10:00 we could get set up in Tuscaloosa without getting wet. Freezer packed, refrigerator packed. Final clothes. On the road by 10:30. No travel problems and the rain began about 30 minutes after we got set up. It’s been raining all afternoon and it continues tonight. Anytime the rain goes down to a drizzle we start hearing fireworks. Then the rain picks back up. We will head back to the mountain tomorrow afternoon. Alabama tags are purchased based on first letter of last name, meaning we have to buy our tags in January. You can’t by them early. So, we will be at the court house when they open Wednesday morning to get our tags, come back to Tuscaloosa hook up the truck and start our 2019 adventures. We are ready!

hanging tree
We saw this dead pine tree hanging from an oak tree. Will probably have to deal with it across the driveway sometime.

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