End of Week 4

Thursday, November 15, 2018

It continues to rain in Lumberton. Weatherman said it would be out by noon but he was wrong. It’s still lightly raining tonight. The river was considerably higher this morning than last night but is seems to have crested sometime during the day.

As is our custom we had devotion today, our last day to lead this team. We used a YouVersion Bible App devotion series “A Time Of Opportunity” based on the scripture Ecclesiastes 3:11. It seemed to be well received and we had some good discussion. We all then headed back to continue our work from yesterday. Today the cabinet installation was completed. The final base and crown molding was installed. All doors are now painted and hardware was installed today. Lots was completed. However, there is about a page of things still to be done. Out at Mary and Jim’s, Bruce and Gene got the new shower plumbed and the base installed today. They will be working on flooring next week. Very pleased with what our team has accomplished.

As is our tradition we all went to dinner tonight. And as seems to have become a tradition as well, we went back to Pier 41 for another very good dinner. Everyone seems to enjoy our meals there. The owner is always very welcoming and usually comes to the table and thanks us for the work we are doing in his community. Pier 41 is definitely a favorite with the locals. It always has a crowd. We have again enjoyed our time in Lumberton. Our team was such a joy to work with. We enjoyed lots of laughter and were blessed by their servant hearts. We wish them all safe travels until we meet again somewhere down the road.

We are taking a week off and then will return to help Mary Ann and Gene finish out the NOMADS time in Lumberton for 2018. When we return we will be team members so we will have a little more time to play. Hopefully we will have some weather conducive to playing tourist. Really tired tonight. Time for tea and then bed.

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