All In?

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

(Once again, we just realized our post for last night did not upload, so here it is.)

It continued to rain last night and this morning until right before we drove to the church for devotional. We now have new flooding in Lumberton. We walked down by the river this afternoon after work to get a few pictures. Fortunately, for now anyway, the flooding is only in areas they expect flooding and doing no new damage. It is of course many many feet below the flooding of Mathew or Florence. It’s not so much the rain we have received but what is flowing into the Lumber river up stream from here. It just has no where to go.


Susan brought us our devotion today using an Oswald Chambers reading to start. Based on Mathew 20:28, we discussed servanthood and that our motivation for service is love of God. We then had a great discussion on being “All In” with Jesus. Are we really “All In”? When do we have the most trouble being “All In”? Good discussion and good music. Really good start to the day.

We all went over to Jackie’s and started painting, calking and installing trim. Max and Gene went to assess another home in need of repairs. This house is about 30 minutes south of where we are currently working. They got to meet a really sweet horse that the team will enjoy feeding apples when we start working there. The house is a farm house that had a leaky roof. The ceiling is about to fall in the living room and dining room. We will be removing the ceiling and insulation and replacing it. It will be a lot of overhead taping and mudding. They put a temporary brace on the ceiling to keep it from falling on the lady who lives there. There are some other items to repair there as well. We won’t be starting this week but soon.


The rest of the day Gene and Bruce worked at Mary and Jim’s. They did the rough in of the plumbing and completed the sub-flooring. Tomorrow they will be installing the new shower. Jackie’s house is coming along. All the crown molding is now installed. The living room and family room are complete. Two bedrooms are complete. If it will ever stop raining we need to do some outside work.

Tonight, most of the team gathered in Fred for pecan pie made by Cindy. Wow! Cindy is quite the cook. She brought us delicious blueberry muffins one morning before breakfast and tonight she brought over two pecan pies. Thanks Cindy. Now it’s time for everyone to get a good night’s sleep.

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