Cool, Easy Day

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Today was a brisk sunny day. Interestingly, the same cold front that has Tuscaloosa, Remlap, Johnston, SC under a freeze warning tonight also has Lumberton under a freeze warning. Remlap has a predicted low of 31. Lumberton, 32. Everyone needs to dress warmly for church tomorrow.

Team at the pancake festivalToday most of the team went to a Kiwanis pancake breakfast this morning. Tickets were given to the volunteer coordinator by Lumberton mayor and she passed them on to us. They had a great crowd, fast service, and good food. They had obviously done this before because they had their system down. We all had fun and then the team did various things the rest of the day. We came back to Fred, rested, took care of LOL business, rested some more, and ate some more of Susan’s wonderful chicken noodle soup.

Rotating pancake griddle
We were fascinated by the two big rotating griddles being used to cook the pancakes
Exploration Station
Exploration Station (not sure of the significance of the flying pigs)

This afternoon Carol and Dave joined us for a walkabout of the downtown Lumberton historic district. Unfortunately, some of the places listed in the pamphlet aren’t there any more and there was not much information about some that were there. We did find a few treasures including a place “Exploration Station”, a children’s museum of sorts, that was very well done. Inside were several learning stations sponsored by various businesses and groups around town. They certainly knew how to spark a child’s imagination without computers or game systems.


There were other historic sites and very old buildings to enjoy including the very old first fire station and the site of the first rural health department in the US. It wasn’t a very long walk and we basically just strolled a long but it was nice on a chilly autumn afternoon. We came back home and watched part of the Alabama game while enjoying chocolate chip cookies Carol made and shared with us. We are enjoying being spoiled by our team!


It was a good day. We are both improving from our upper respiratory illness. Don’t forget to be in prayer for services tomorrow, that we all may hear the Word preached and receive the message with open ears and hearts.

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