Rotating Teams

Friday, November 9, 2018

For those who are not familiar with NOMADS Disaster Rebuild (DR) projects, they are also known as Rotating Teams Projects (RTPs). The total project is usually scheduled for 12 to 13 weeks, but NOMADS sign up for one week at a time. Some NOMADS might sign up for one week and others might sign up for the whole project. We just completed our third week here and will be here next week then leave for a week and come back to stay till the end of the project on December 13th. Yesterday Mike and Lee rotated out. Today Jo rotated out and Gene and Mary Ann rotated in. We are always sad to see new and old friends leave but always happy to see friends come in.

Since both of us have been suffering from upper respiratory illness for a few days, dear sweet Susan brought us chicken noodle soup for supper. It was the best chicken noodle soup we have ever had.

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