Another Restful Day in the Woods

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Another relaxing day. We had clouds off and on and at one point were surrounded by rain but it never rained at Deerlick Creek. The temperature did drop by about 10 degrees which made for much nicer walking tonight.

Relaxing AfternoonAfter our morning walk we again cooked breakfast and ate outside. Love eating outside at quiet campsites like this. We sat outside waiting to see if the lock was back in service but never saw any barges passing today. There was construction noise. We haven’t found anything online about a delay but appears the river is not back open. There is usually a lot of barge traffic and it hurts businesses when the river is shut down so hopefully it will reopen soon. We both took naps out on our deck today.

Afternoon VisitorWe have seen this young deer every day since we have arrived but today finally got a picture. This area of north Alabama has lots of deer, wild turkey, coyotes and an occasional bear, wild hog, or bobcat. All our neighbors pulled out today so we are the only ones in the river side loop tonight. We might just have to extend our stay.

Mockernut Hickory
There is a nice paved trail here called the Tree Trail.

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