Finally, A Real Camping Day

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

By 10:00 it was 96 with heat index of 100. That is just too hot. However, about that time we started having some clouds come and go. We had thunder and threats of rain most of the rest of the day but never got a drop. We did have some nice light breezes and over about an hour we went from 96 to 88. Much better.

Morning WalkWe got a nice walk in this morning before it got too hot. We walked a couple of the trails as well as the roadway in and out of the park, a little over three miles, some nice wooded trails. We also stopped and visited with the work camper in the gate house. He and is girl friend started work here yesterday and we were one of the first RVs they checked in. A nice visit. Cooking breakfast outsideWe might like to work camp here sometime. After a wonderful breakfast of cinnamon raisin brioche french toast at our picnic table we enjoyed reading and relaxing and watching the light boat traffic. We were expecting to watch the barges but never saw any. Then we realized there were working on the locks. From reading the news stories online we found that Holt lock was closed in July for replacement of the gates and is scheduled to reopen tomorrow. That would explain the lack of traffic. There is a neat YouTube video on the replacement of the gates. If it reopens tomorrow we expect lots of backed up barge traffic. It will be interesting to watch tomorrow.  Lunch on the GrillAs the temps rose we retreated to the comfort of Fred except for grilling a late lunch. We visited with our next door neighbor who left late today and did another hike just before dark. That was our day. A wonderful return to a day in the campground. Good food. Good hiking.

Music, Tea and a View
Music, Tea and a View on the Deck

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