Day 1 in Bay 48

Friday, July 20, 2018

Back in Bay 48

It was an early morning for us since we had a 7:00 appointment to be in a service bay. We put most things away last night. We fixed a quick breakfast and pulled in the bay at 6:50. Our service techs started promptly reviewing our list of issues with us and then got right to work.

Replacing LED lights
Replacing LED lights

Tiffin received a bad batch of LED lights last year and they start a strobe effect before they actually totally fail. The failure is not that much of a problem because we have so many lights, but the strobe effect is really bothersome. They had already sent us five new ones that Max had replaced. Today when the techs came in to get started another one started flickering. They asked us if we just wanted them to go ahead and change them all out today and they did. Well, they started the process and will complete it Monday. There are over 60 LED lights in our coach. To replace them all takes a while.

Replacing the front air conditioner
Replacing the front air conditioner

We also got a new front air conditioner today so tonight we are really cool. Nice. Otherwise they are working on mostly small items such as a loose tail light, loose LED light stripe on awning etc. Our two service techs, as usual, are very professional and are doing a great job. They assure us they will take care of all our concerns and we are sure they will. We think we will probably be here until Tuesday or Wednesday depending on when some parts come in that were ordered today.

Tonight we are under a tornado watch so we are in weather watch mode. We are always aware of the safety issues of being in the motor home. Tiffin left the customer lounge open tonight for us to use as a shelter if necessary. Right now the storms appear to be weakening so we are very hopeful that this is all going to dissipate.

The Call Comes

Thursday, July 19, 2018

It was raining when we woke up this morning so we rolled over and went back to sleep. First time we have done that in a while. It was nice! The rain stopped mid-morning and it was so nice and cool, 73 degrees, with a nice breeze. We couldn’t pass that up and headed out for about 3.5 miles. Of course before we got back home the sun was beating down again but for the most of the way it was nice.

On the way back from our walk we stopped in to see Trevor at Nichols Custom and talked to him about mats for our steps and front entry area. He sent us home with three samples to choose from and was at the rig within an hour taking measurements. Within a couple of hours it was installed. Such fine service from Trevor and we are very pleased with our mats.

For lunch today we tried a new Instant Pot meal. It’s one of our recipes that starts with Zataran’s black beans and rice. We add onion, grilled smoked sausage and extra sweet corn. It’s usually a stove top meal that simmers for an hour or so. Tried it for the first time in the instant pot today and it worked great. We will be doing enjoying another meal in the next day or two.

We did another 3.5 mile walk this tonight because we got the phone call we were waiting on. We go into a full service bay to begin our warranty work at 7:00 am tomorrow. YEA!! We stay with the rig and watch and learn while they are doing our work so no walking in the morning. We do not expect them to complete our work tomorrow but we are just glad to get started in 4 days rather than two weeks. It was a good day.

Circle Drive

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

This morning was really foggy. We were up and walking our 3 miles by 6:00 with a temperature of 72. Nice. Then we had a quick breakfast and got ready for a day of riding. It was a long day of riding. We left Red Bay and drove to Oneonta. We checked in on the Aunts who did not have a good day yesterday. Today things seemed to be going better. We stopped by and visited with Donna for a few minutes and then went back to the mountain to vote. We checked both houses and picked up the mail and then headed to Tuscaloosa. We picked up some records that we needed from Sonny, checked on Mama Ruby’s house and made a stop at the grocery store and Walmart and then started the drive back to Red Bay.

Interesting clouds on the drive backIt stormed in Red Bay while we were gone and we ran into rain on the way back to Fred. We watched some really strange looking clouds for a lot of the drive back. A giant circle and about 7 hours of driving. We are glad to be back at our home on wheels. Thank you Lord for a safe day of travel. Now, a cup of tea and a good night’s sleep.

The Wait Begins

Monday, July 16, 2018

We started today with rain so there was no long walk. The day was cloudy until late afternoon so the temperature stayed lower today as well. As is expected for your first day at Camp Red Bay, we stayed with Fred and waited for Norris to come visit with us. He comes and reviews your list of work to be done. Since we are here for our last warranty work, we are going to go into a regular bay with a list of 17 items to be checked or repaired. We got the standard “it will probably be two weeks.” However, people who came in last week and were told it would be two weeks before they got in a service bay got in last Thursday. We don’t expect it to take two weeks to get in a bay but we will see.

Today we did a lot of walking and visiting, looking at other owners motor homes, and tow vehicles. There was also some book work and phone calls to handle. It was a good day.

Funny Tag at Red Bay
Funny Tag at Red Bay

Rest Day in Red Bay

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunrise at Red BayIt was cooler today. Only 73 when we did our walk early this morning. We walked 3.5 miles on sidewalks from the campground to downtown. Not a bad path and about the right distance. The clouds started building early and it was cloudy all day with intermittent rain. There were some severe storms close by but we actually got little rain today but much cooler temperatures. It was nice.

FUMC Red BayFor church today we went to Red Bay First United Methodist Church. They had a visiting pastor today who brought a message on prayer. The regular pastor is still on deployment in the middle east. The congregation was very welcoming and there were lots of people there. The congregation seems to have done well keeping their various ministries going in their pastor’s absence. A number of businesses in Red Bay are displaying yellow ribbons. The unit should be home soon.

We fixed lunch at home and walked around the campground meeting a few more people. Then the rain ran us back inside. Late this afternoon after the temperature took another drop, everyone was outside. The campground is a lot fuller this evening and we have made some more new friends. It’s fun to talk to other RVers about their travels and modifications they have made to their motor homes. It was a relaxing day. Now we are going to watch a movie. Hope you have had a good weekend.

Back to Red Bay

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Back at the Tiffin Service CenterIt seems all days start early these days. It was 76 at 5:30 when we walked. We really don’t like walking that early but it’s early or not at all these days. Today, after breakfast we finished up our packing and headed to Red Bay. It was an uneventful drive and we arrived a few minutes before 12:00. There were two rigs in line in front of us for check-in but there were plenty of empty sites. About 1/3 of the sites have rigs waiting for service but if this week is like others, a lot of rigs will come in tomorrow. Hopefully we will not be waiting too long to get our last warranty work completed.

Main Street Belmont Mississippi
Main Street in Belmont, Mississippi

After getting parked and set up, we drove over to Belmont, MS, only about 6 miles away, to a Mexican restaurant that has been recommended several times. The restaurant is across Main Street from the famous Belmont Hotel (and the somewhat less famous Monkey Barber Shop). After our late lunch, we walked around the campground, but it was too hot for our neighbors to be out. We had another afternoon thunderstorm come through today, and the temperature dropped about 10 degrees. With the cooler temps, we were able to take another walk shortly before dark and met a number out our neighbors. Everyone is here to have a problem resolved by Tiffin but everyone is good-natured about it. It’s fun to meet people from all over the US and hear their stories. Of course it is also a chance for us to share information about NOMADS. It should be an interesting week and it’s really nice to be “back on the road”, or at least away from Tuscaloosa. We will be back to travel mode soon, we hope. Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

A Night Out

Friday, July 13, 2018

We were up early, walking at about 5:30. It was already hot, but better than it would be later. We then had breakfast and got ready to hit the road. We headed back to Blount County to check on the aunts, the house and pick up the mail. With all the storms this past week we needed to check Helen’s and our house and freezers.

Newdul with blueberries 2The ladies seemed to be doing well today.  Jean was thrilled because Debra sent us a picture of Newdul, Jean’s 46 year old turtle enjoying some blueberries. Thanks so much Debra for taking such good care of Newdul and for the picture. You really made Jean’s day.

When we got back to Tuscaloosa we went to a play at Shelton State Community College. We have been to a few there before and they always do a really good job. This was no exception. The play presented by Theater Tuscaloosa was “Once Upon A Mattress”. It was a very energetic performance with wonderful vocals and orchestra. If you are in Tuscaloosa, you have through July 22 to see the play. You won’t be disappointed.

It was a busy but very nice day. We thank God for safe travels.