Still Waiting

Thursday, July 26, 2018

The weather has been nicer the past few days with cooler mornings but still 90 or so by the afternoon. No rain the past few days either. Wednesday and today were just waiting days. We were told we had to go to cabinet shop before going to paint and the cabinet shop has been backed up. Yesterday and this morning we did our 3.4 miles and then worked around the rig, visited with people, told the NOMADS story and handed out NOMADS pamphlets. Cardinal Drive-In Ice creamYesterday afternoon we took another walk to town to the Cardinal drive-in. It appears to be an old Sonic that now has local ownership. We got a milk shake and their version of a blizzard. Both were very good. Actually the milkshake was better than Jack’s. Otherwise we have done bookwork, read, and tried to sale some real estate. We have a 7:10 appointment in the morning at the cabinet shop. Don’t think they will finish tomorrow so suspect we will be here thru the weekend. We will see what tomorrow brings.

Still in Bay 48

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

New awning lights
New awning lights

Monday we were up at 5:00 and back in bay 48 at 6:50. One of our techs was off so Scott continued to work our list on his own. He got the remainder of the LED lights replaced and the slide gasket reinstalled. Scott also replaced the awning lights while he was installing a new wind sensor. He adjusted all the bay doors and the generator slide so it goes in and out a little easier. The window panes didn’t arrive until too late in the day so that project wasn’t started. But we made progress. Unfortunately our radio that they repaired Friday started acting up again. So we pulled back to our site at Camp Red Bay with instructions to be back at 7:00 in the morning. We spent the afternoon visiting and getting to know the new arrivals. The campground was very close to maximum capacity.

So we were back in bay 48 at 6:50 again this morning. This is getting to be like work. Looking forward to a day to sleep in. Today Jeff was back and the first project was our window. Unfortunately, when they opened the packaging containing our two new window panes both panes had scratches. Now we have a whole new window which is fine with us, but now we have to go to the paint bays to get the window trim painted to match the coach.

Installing new radioThey also installed a new radio. However, when we moved the coach back to the campsite, waiting for them to call us to the paint station, the radio quit again. They have now determined that when they reinstalled our LEDs they may have caused a short in the speaker wires. Now they just have to find the short. However, the radio is working fine this afternoon so a project for tomorrow. This afternoon Camp Red Bay has no vacancies. There are motorhomes everywhere.

Another visit to the Tiffin PlantSince we knew we would not get a call to the paint or cabinet shop this afternoon, we went to the factory to take a look at the first of the 2019’s coming off the line. Always fun to see what is changing. They are building some really nice looking rigs but we are still very happy with Fred.

We do not have to be anywhere at 7:00 in the morning so we may sleep in a little. We do have to be ready for a call that we hope will come sometime tomorrow. It will be nice to have all the little things done and get back on the road again.

Sunrise On The Road Again

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Sunrise on the road againYesterday was a quiet relaxed day. That was good because Max was awake a good part of the night watching the weather. Fortunately for us the line of storms split and went on both sides of us but we had nothing here in Red Bay. It also missed our house and Mama Ruby’s house. We did our morning walk and then went to the Farmer’s Market that is suppose to be open from 7-11. We got there at 9:00 and there were only two vendors still there and they had very little left to sell. They said we should come earlier next time. Oh, well. The rest of the day we did laundry and relaxed.

Youth led the service todayToday we had a really early start to the day. We decided that we would return to Oneonta for church. This weekend was our Discovery weekend for our youth at church so they had our entire service and did a wonderful job. So glad we made the decision to get up really early and go back home for church. Such a blessing!

After Sunday school we stopped by to see the aunts. They seemed to be doing well today and were very happy to see us. We had a nice visit. Another blessing. We then went by Helen’s and our house to make sure all the freezers were working after the electrical storms of last week. Everything was fine at the houses and we gathered all the mail and a couple of packages we had ordered and headed back north to Red Bay. We were surprised when we arrived at how many people had arrived this afternoon. Camp Red Bay is almost completely full. There are many more than were here last Sunday evening. We did a little walking and talking and then called it a night. Thankful for another safe travel day and especially thankful for our church family. Hope everyone had a great weekend. We have to get ready for a 7:00 am return appointment in bay 48.

Day 1 in Bay 48

Friday, July 20, 2018

Back in Bay 48

It was an early morning for us since we had a 7:00 appointment to be in a service bay. We put most things away last night. We fixed a quick breakfast and pulled in the bay at 6:50. Our service techs started promptly reviewing our list of issues with us and then got right to work.

Replacing LED lights
Replacing LED lights

Tiffin received a bad batch of LED lights last year and they start a strobe effect before they actually totally fail. The failure is not that much of a problem because we have so many lights, but the strobe effect is really bothersome. They had already sent us five new ones that Max had replaced. Today when the techs came in to get started another one started flickering. They asked us if we just wanted them to go ahead and change them all out today and they did. Well, they started the process and will complete it Monday. There are over 60 LED lights in our coach. To replace them all takes a while.

Replacing the front air conditioner
Replacing the front air conditioner

We also got a new front air conditioner today so tonight we are really cool. Nice. Otherwise they are working on mostly small items such as a loose tail light, loose LED light stripe on awning etc. Our two service techs, as usual, are very professional and are doing a great job. They assure us they will take care of all our concerns and we are sure they will. We think we will probably be here until Tuesday or Wednesday depending on when some parts come in that were ordered today.

Tonight we are under a tornado watch so we are in weather watch mode. We are always aware of the safety issues of being in the motor home. Tiffin left the customer lounge open tonight for us to use as a shelter if necessary. Right now the storms appear to be weakening so we are very hopeful that this is all going to dissipate.