The Wait Begins

Monday, July 16, 2018

We started today with rain so there was no long walk. The day was cloudy until late afternoon so the temperature stayed lower today as well. As is expected for your first day at Camp Red Bay, we stayed with Fred and waited for Norris to come visit with us. He comes and reviews your list of work to be done. Since we are here for our last warranty work, we are going to go into a regular bay with a list of 17 items to be checked or repaired. We got the standard “it will probably be two weeks.” However, people who came in last week and were told it would be two weeks before they got in a service bay got in last Thursday. We don’t expect it to take two weeks to get in a bay but we will see.

Today we did a lot of walking and visiting, looking at other owners motor homes, and tow vehicles. There was also some book work and phone calls to handle. It was a good day.

Funny Tag at Red Bay
Funny Tag at Red Bay

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