Rest Day in Red Bay

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunrise at Red BayIt was cooler today. Only 73 when we did our walk early this morning. We walked 3.5 miles on sidewalks from the campground to downtown. Not a bad path and about the right distance. The clouds started building early and it was cloudy all day with intermittent rain. There were some severe storms close by but we actually got little rain today but much cooler temperatures. It was nice.

FUMC Red BayFor church today we went to Red Bay First United Methodist Church. They had a visiting pastor today who brought a message on prayer. The regular pastor is still on deployment in the middle east. The congregation was very welcoming and there were lots of people there. The congregation seems to have done well keeping their various ministries going in their pastor’s absence. A number of businesses in Red Bay are displaying yellow ribbons. The unit should be home soon.

We fixed lunch at home and walked around the campground meeting a few more people. Then the rain ran us back inside. Late this afternoon after the temperature took another drop, everyone was outside. The campground is a lot fuller this evening and we have made some more new friends. It’s fun to talk to other RVers about their travels and modifications they have made to their motor homes. It was a relaxing day. Now we are going to watch a movie. Hope you have had a good weekend.

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