Thursday, July 5, 2018

For new readers or folks just passing through, and wondering what the “purpose” of our RVing is, just refer back to what we were doing a year ago. We know that right now our short term purpose is taking care of family business. But, hopefully we can be back on the road with NOMADS soon.

It was another sunny hot day today. We are now getting up at about 5:30 and doing our morning 3 mile walk. It seems now it is either just too hot for an afternoon walk or if we are lucky it’s raining. Today it was too hot so we went back to the gym. Max worked out on the elliptical and Anne rode the stationary bike. We felt we got a good workout and had sort of planned to swim afterward but there was a class in therapeutic pool so the lap pool was crowded. Maybe another day. Just as we got back to Fred it rained for a few minutes. It was 91 degrees and within ten minutes it was down to 82.

Otherwise, we did a little online shopping today for water filters for the refrigerator and a few new toys. We also spent some time working on our schedule and making some plans for next year. We are certainly hopeful that we will NOT be in Tuscaloosa dealing with real estate next summer. We are dreaming of a cooler climate so looking at the map and making plans was fun. Some neighbors came to look at some of mom’s furniture again. That was about it. Hope you are all staying cool.

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