Back to Work

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

We all enjoyed our day off yesterday, especially since it is so hot, but today it was back to work. Of course we started with devotion at 8:00. Rita and Dave used scripture from Mark 4 – the calming of the storm and Dave reminded us that when we face hard times Jesus says Peace, be still. Rita also read James 2:14-26, focusing on faith without deeds. God doesn’t promise an absence of storms, just that He will be with us in the storms. He also expects us as NOMADS to be about doing good deeds for those in storms. There was some good discussion and sharing as well.

Then we went to the job site and started to work. Dave and Morris started the day with the installation of another door.


Rita and Karen helped with that project for a while and then took on the quarter round trim work in the bathroom. The ladies rocked it!! Suzanne, Anne and Max were again working on the flooring in the sitting room. At lunch we came back to the RV to cool down and eat. As we were getting ready to return to work the power went off. According to the office, the power had been going off intermittently for about an hour but then went totally off. We all made sure our generators were on keeping our rigs cool and then returned to work. It was more of the same this afternoon. The flooring became more difficult because we had to install the laminate into a bay window. The flooring in the sitting room is almost complete. Maybe 5-6 more pieces to install in the morning. The bathroom is almost complete. We need to install some base in the closet and caulk the quarter-round and we can mark the bath done. The bedroom has a little more of the quarter round and some paint touch up and it will be complete. HOPEFULLY we will complete some rooms tomorrow.


After work Anne and Max had to go to Lowe’s to pick up some supplies for tomorrow and since Chick-Fil-A is next door…we had peach milk shakes for supper, again – but don’t tell our Mom’s.


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