Tuesday, July 3, 2018

So, we can explain why there was no blog yesterday. When Google Photos makes a highlight video of your day and it’s all pictures of a rental property that was left in bad shape by the tenant that just moved out, you know your day was really not very blog-worthy. Really the highlight of our day yesterday was the beautiful sunrise. And then yesterday afternoon we had a really good rain.  Google Photos just didn’t get it right.  It was a work day but it was a good day.Monday Sunrise

Today was another hot and sunny day. It was already too hot when we finished our morning walk. We decided that it was just too hot to walk again tonight, so we went back to the gym. We actually probably needed a different workout anyway. We have already done 15 miles this week so this afternoon we were back on the machines at the gym, stationary bikes, treadmills, stair climber and a walk on the track for a cool down. Anne also was able to get the last of the accounting to the accounting firm. Now when they have completed their work we can complete our own tax return. We are making progress. Tonight was a quiet night at home watching a movie. It was another good day.

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