Another Quiet(ish) Sunday

Sunday, July 1, 2018

FLUMC Traditional ServiceWe were up early this morning and did our three mile walk before church. We went back to Forest Lake UMC but today visited the early (9:00 am) traditional service. Just as we walked in the door we met an old friend we hadn’t seen since we retired. Anne has known him since high school and Max knows him through EMA. Such a treat and we are going to try to have dinner together one night this week. We also got to visit with Melody who did Mama Ruby’s service for us. Melody is an associate at Forest Lake and it was such a treat to spend a little time with her. It’s also nice to be able to just walk to church. If we lived in Tuscaloosa, we would certainly consider Forest Lake for our home church. Don’t anyone jump to any conclusions, we are not moving to Tuscaloosa, but it is nice to have a church where we feel at home to attend while we are here.

After church we tried something new for brunch. We made french toast using a cinnamon raisin brioche. It was wonderful if we do say so ourselves and we will definitely be making it again. After brunch, we did a little accounting work, showed the house, watched some TV and rested. Then we lucked out and finally got a nice rain from one of the late afternoon scattered thunderstorms. The temperature dropped and when it quit raining we got our afternoon 3 miles in before it got too hot again. It was a nice quiet day. Hope yours was too.

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