Back In Tuscaloosa

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Today was about the same as yesterday weather-wise. cloudy, and threatening rain at times and blue skies at other times. Certainly the temperatures are continuing to be milder than a few weeks ago, upper 80’s, with typical Alabama humidity.

We had an 8:00 appointment at the long term care facility to discuss making some changes to the ladies insurance. It would be changing to skilled nursing facility medicare rather than what they have now. It was a good meeting and we will make a decision soon. There are definite advantages, but also some disadvantages. After the meeting we mailed Aunt Jean’s Alaska photo album to Denali National Park. For those of you new to our blog you can find the information about all this on our Alaska blog. We are pleased to finally be able to make the gift to the park. It was way past time for breakfast but we finally stopped before we left Oneonta for Tuscaloosa.Grilled lupper In Tuscaloosa, we got settled into FRED again, and started to work on our to do list. We did take time to grill some steaks, corn and squash for a late lunch/early supper. Nice time. About 6:30 we decided to make a different walk, walking away from the greenway, toward the high school Anne used to attend then out to 15th street and back to the greenway and then home. It was between 2.5 and 3 miles. A nice walk. Hopefully we can get back to walking most days. Tonight we are doing NOMADS work and planning. We have an 8:30 business appointment in the morning. Hopefully we can do some fun, more interesting things soon. But, this is life.

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