Another Hot Tuesday In Hattiesburg

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Back when we were having really pleasant weather in Baton Rouge, it was nice to say the weather was the same every day. Now once again the weather is the same every day but it’s not nearly as nice. Hot and Humid. One of the team members said their car indicated 94 when we were driving home. We didn’t look at ours. However, it’s now 7:45 and it is still 86 by our thermometer here at Oak Grove and by Weatherbug. Unfortunately, today we also did not have a breeze. Increased fluids were the order of the day.

Dave and Carol had devotion today and did their usual fine job. They shared a reading by Max Lucado that everyone seemed to appreciate. After our prayer time, we discussed work plans for the day and headed back to James’.

The needed supplies for the day had already been dropped off when we arrived and we all got back to work. Carol, Max, Phil, and Wayne were back under the house with the help of Paul, a local volunteer. They completed the installation of the plywood and filled any small gaps with foam insulation late this afternoon. They are all glad that assignment is over.

The remainder of the team, Anne, Nula, Dave and Debbi, continued work on the laminate flooring. That job is taking quite a bit longer than expected. The underlayment was installed in the second bedroom and the laminate started in there. The first bedroom is completed except for the closet. After working with this laminate for a while we have sort of determined how to successfully keep it in place but it has been a challenge. For the foam insulation, Carol and Debbi switched places.  Hopefully tomorrow we will made a lot more progress since we will have a little more help. We may be sending some people to another house as well.

Break time
Much needed hydration break

No one was very interested in sitting out for long after we got back to the pavilion at Oak Grove. It was just too hot. Maybe we will do something different tomorrow.

One thought on “Another Hot Tuesday In Hattiesburg”

  1. Hey, just asking for prayer for Matt Witt. He is having his leg amputated tomorrow. Not sure what happened but Yvette asked for prayers. Love y’all.


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