First Work Day For New Team

Monday, May 28, 2018

Today was a much nicer day than was predicted a few days ago. Our high was only 83. There was a nice breeze most of the day. The only catch was that the humidity was really high again. We also think the tropical storm winds are bringing something new in the air. We both have been sneezing, and have itchy watery eyes like we do in the spring. It all started when we walked out the door this morning. Oh well, it improved later in the day. We have had no rain today. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those in other parts of the country that are having horrible flooding. Also, we understand that it is really dry in Colorado, resulting in fires. They would really appreciate some rain. Prayers for that situation too.

First morning devotion at R3SMMax and I shared a devotion with the team this morning using 1 Chronicles 28:9. We talked about doing what God wants us to do rather than what we might want. We need to ask God to help us make his desires, our desires. After devotion we discussed the plans for the day and headed back to James’ house.

Flooring delivered
Flooring delivered

Darrell was at the house unloading the laminate when we arrived. We divided into two groups, Max, Phil, Wayne, Carol and Nula worked on closing in the floor joists. Fortunately the ground under the house was considerably drier than last Thursday. It was still a hard, hot job. Everyone will be glad with that job is completed which we hope will be tomorrow.


Anne, Dave, and Debbi worked inside the house. Debbi started by preparing the floors for the laminate, scraping and pounding in staples and nails. Dave and Anne worked on determining how and where to start the laminate. We decided to start in the back two bedrooms just because of all the traffic in the front door. Nula joined us later in the day and began working on the underlayment in the second bedroom. We hope all the preliminary work will pay off tomorrow and laminate will go down more quickly. It’s a very attractive laminate but it is harder to work with than some we have done. We were all tired at the end of the day.


After work, a number of us sat under the pavilion and talked and got to know each other better. It was a good afternoon. Everyone stay safe and don’t forget to check on your family, friends and neighbors.

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