Beautiful Sunday in Baton Rouge

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Today was a beautiful sunny late spring, early summer day in Baton Rouge. It was quite warm with only some scattered puffy clouds. Looks like the upcoming week is going to be hot with highs of 86-88 each day and no rain predicted.

Dave reading scripture for morning worship
Dave reading scripture for morning worship

We slept in a little since church isn’t until 10:30 at Francis Asbury UMC. The congregation was again very welcoming and thanked us for returning to work again. The church was full today, with very few empty seats. Pastor David’s message was “We Gather Together”, based on Luke 24:30-31, 35 which our leader Dave read, and Luke 24:36-43 and John 21:7-13 read by members of the congregation. After the message we shared in communion. Dave had invited David and his wife Melanie to joined us for lunch. We went to the Jones Creek Cafe, a new restaurant for us. We had crab cakes which were really good. Everyone seemed to enjoy their food and we would definitely return. Fortunately, the restaurant wasn’t really busy today because we stayed there visiting with the entire team and David and Melanie until almost 2:00.

We returned to Fred to relax for a few minutes and then headed to the grocery store. We needed food for lunches tomorrow and fresh fruit and salad makings. Mark and Lisa had arrived when we returned. It is so good to be spending time with them again. We just enjoy them so much. We got to meet their other puppy, Dallas today. Such a beautiful puppy. He is a two year old golden-doodle, silver. Yep, we are missing our Scout. It was also good to see that Annie, their older dog, is doing great since her diabetes diagnosis when we were here before. She looks so much better.

Team picture week 9 Baton Rouge DRWe had team meeting at 5:00 and Carol prepared a light supper for us all. She had home-made sloppy joes and we have requested the recipe. Of course, it was all so good with pineapple cheesecake for dessert. Thanks so much, Carol. It was a good meeting with lots of laughter – surprise, surprise. Looking forward to a good week with lots accomplished for Richard. Please keep us in your prayers for safety, and that we will accomplish in the place what God wants us to accomplish.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Sunday in Baton Rouge”

  1. We miss all of you! It’s so good to see old friends and happy faces. Prayers answered with Jodi’s recovery!
    Dave and Rita


  2. Good luck Max & Anne & rest of team members at Baton Rouge on your projects. Prayers being sent.
    Darl & Mary Alice Collins


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