Back in Baton Rouge

Saturday, May 5, 2018

We apologize for not posting for the past three days. Briefly, we continued to do accounting and estate business for two of those days and then Friday was another LONG day, again visiting four banks, the assisted living and Aunt Helen and Aunt Jean. (We did take time to walk back down to Cookout for a milkshake last night.) For those that haven’t heard, Jean and Helen have been moved to long term care at the rehab center and are now sharing a room, 306. We don’t know how that will work and they are both on the wait list for private rooms. Please pass the word along about the room change.

While we were at the banks Friday, we struck up a conversation with the lady helping us. We told her about the work we do with NOMADS and RVing with a purpose. It was then that she told us that she and her husband had hoped to travel in their RV too. They had bought a brand new trailer and in December were loading it out for their first trip when he died suddenly of an aneurysm. Very sad story of a very sweet lady. She is now trying to sell the trailer because she never learned to tow it and doesn’t want to try to travel alone. If you know anyone in the market, we know where they can buy a 32 foot 2018 Keystone Springdale with one slideout for a good price.

On the road back to BRToday we are on the road again! We left Tuscaloosa about 6:50 this morning in route back to Baton Rouge. We stopped at the Mississippi and Louisiana welcome centers for a breakfast and breaks and arrived early afternoon. It was a very cloudy drive with an occasional drizzle. We noticed that as soon as we crossed into Mississippi, the magnolia trees had beautiful blooms. So pretty.  Not so pretty – the love bugs are everywhere right now. We were hoping for a good rain before we arrived but it didn’t happen. Max had to wash the windshield and front cap this afternoon before the sun is back out tomorrow.

Back in Baton Rouge
Back in Baton Rouge

Our dear friends, Carol and Dave, our leaders for the next two weeks, greeted us on arrival. We went to a late lunch/early supper together and started getting caught up. Looking forward to working with them the next few weeks. Stel and Jodi are also still here in Baton Rouge and it was wonderful to see them as well. Jodi is still weak from her surgery but says she is getting stronger. She still needs our prayers but it was so good to see her out and about. Mark and Lisa who were also here when we were here a few weeks ago will arrive tomorrow afternoon. Dave and Carol think we will all be working back out at Richard’s house all week. Looking forward to seeing the progress that has been made while we were gone. Don’t forget to be in prayer for services tomorrow. We are looking forward to worshiping at Francis Asbury UMC again tomorrow.

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