Fun Saturday

Saturday, April 21, 2018

We were up early this morning with a busy day in front of us. It was cool, but not as cool as predicted and turned into a warm, gorgeous spring day.

We were at Donna and Barry’s house at 6:56 ready to head to Cedartown, Georgia. We loaded our bikes on their carrier last night so all we needed was our cooler and helmets. Penny, who works with Donna, and Mike arrived right behind us. Breakfast of championsWe all headed to Cedartown to ride the Silver Comet Rail Trail from Cedartown to the Alabama/Georgia state line. It just so happens that we drive right past a Krispy Kreame in Gadsden and since the “Hot Now” light was on we had to stop. Fresh hot glazed doughnuts. Just doesn’t get much better. Getting ready to rideOn to Cedartown, we parked at the Depot/Welcome Center for the trail and readied ourselves for the ride. It was a near perfect day for riding. Just a little too much wind. The six of us headed out, enjoying the scenery along the way. We took a break at about the half way point and again at the state line. There were lots of riders at the state line. Appeared today that most of the traffic was on the Alabama side rather than Georgia which was pretty quiet. At the Alabama lineWe then started the long ride back. Anne thinks that somehow the return ride was longer than the ride to the state line. Don’t know how that would work but maybe so. Anyway, we road over 20 miles and were pretty tired at the end. To reward ourselves the 6 of us went to Zorba’s for lunch. We eat at Zorba’s when we are on NOMADS teams at Murphy-Harpst Children’s Center in Cedartown. We have never had a bad meal there. Today Anne had lasagna and Max had chicken parmesan. Both were very good. We will be having leftovers for Sunday lunch. After lunch we headed home arriving about 3:30. Thanks, Barry and Donna for asking us along.

Betty's BirthdayWe did a little estate work and had time for a quick shower before heading to the community center for our friend Betty’s surprise birthday party. She was really surprised and speechless. What fun that was. Another really good day. Our legs may not think it was so good tomorrow but it was good. Don’t forget to pray for services tomorrow.

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