Four Years Ago Today

Monday, April 16, 2018

We had a fairly heavy frost this morning, covering the roof of Mama Ruby’s house and the grass. It was 38 when we first checked the temperature this morning. With the wind still blowing it was cold. We pulled the heavy sweat shirts back out. It’s suppose to be even a little colder tonight with frost again but then a nice warming trend. Maybe this is finally the end of winter.

Today was really not a blog worthy day. We did lots of book work going through a lot of Aunt Jean’s records, working on some of Helen’s hospital bills that didn’t get filed on her insurance, and really boring stuff like that. We have so much more to do on the estates and all the family accounting. Anne also spent some time working in the house. Part of it was harder than expected. There are several bags of clothes, shoes etc ready for the mission store so we may try to take a load there tomorrow. We did get a nice walk done this afternoon. This evening we are enjoying some nice lemon ginger hot tea.

swingingbridgeFour years ago yesterday was the first day of our new life. It was our first full day in FRED One on our journey to Alaska. Four years ago today was our first day to just relax and enjoy ourselves after Max’s retirement from his last paying job. We enjoyed going back and looking at our blog from that time period and thought you might like to do the same. (Click here for our Alaska 2014 blog) There are a lot of really nice wildlife pictures later in the blog if you choose to read further. We think everyone should go to Alaska and we are considering going back again next year. Nice to have something to dream about.

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