Great To Be Back At Our Home Church

Sunday, April 15, 2018

It was still raining this morning. It was still raining when we went to church. It finally stopped raining sometime during Sunday School. And it got cold! The sun actually came out for a time early afternoon but by the time we got back to Tuscaloosa, the clouds were thick again and the wind was howling. As we unloaded the car back into FRED, it was so cold and windy. We immediately turned on the heat pump and fire place. Hope we didn’t leave too many cool weather clothes back to Blount County.

LMUMC Morning WorshipMax had to walk out the drive to check for downed limbs and to see how badly the drive had washed over night, before we got ready for church. We had a lot of rain and the drive will take some work but no large limbs or trees were down and we could still get out in the car so no major problems. It was so good to get to worship at Lester today. Barry’s message was from 1 John 3:1-10. He told us that John is clear, being a Christian is a matter of identity. We are Children of God! We were reminded that we must be careful not to trade our distinctiveness as God’s children for worldly applause. People should see the resemblance of our Father when they see us. We are so blessed to have a pastor who preaches the Word.

After church and Sunday school we had a fund raising dinner for the Philippine mission team.  Taco salad and it was good!  We have a great team going to minister in the Philippines and we will be continuing to pray for them as they prepare to leave next month.  It was then back to the rehab center to visit with Aunt Helen and Aunt Jean. Jean was still sleeping but we visited with Helen until she went to the dining hall for lunch. We then visited with Jean and helped her with her lunch. She is still very weak. We visited with Helen until time for her to go to church this afternoon and then headed home to load the car. We stopped by the assisted living and checked Jean’s mail and visited with some of the staff. They are all so concerned about Jean and really want her to return. The staff and residents sent Jean the sweetest card. Don’t think she realizes how many friends she has there. We had an uneventful drive back to Tuscaloosa and found no storm related problems with FRED or Mama Ruby’s house for which we are thankful. We had a quiet evening, watched a Christmas movie and enjoyed some hot chocolate. Thought we had enjoyed our last of that for this winter a few weeks ago but looks like we will have another night or two where the temperatures will be right for a few more cups. Low tonight in Tuscaloosa predicted to be 39 and 37 at home. Maybe this is blackberry winter. Are the blackberry’s blooming? Oh well, hope you have a good Monday. Stay warm.

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