More Angels

Friday, April 13, 2018

It’s five days in a row of very nice weather. Tomorrow is suppose to be totally different but we enjoyed today. We got our walking in, a little over 3 miles, and sat outside just enjoying the evening for a while tonight.

We didn’t do anything very exciting today. We watched the Blue Angels again. We just love to see all they can make those planes do. Some people complain about the noise, but we just say it’s the sound of freedom. Love it!

Also worked some more in Mama Ruby’s house cleaning out some of her things. Still can only do that for relatively short periods of time then need to work on something else. Since we got the tax id number for the estate this week Anne and her brother Sonny went to the bank to open an estate checking account. We thought that would be a quick and painless process, but not so. It took over an hour to open a simple account and we didn’t even bother to count the number of pages of paper they handed us when we left with all the bank rules and regulations. Yep, more government requirements. Makes us glad we own pine trees. Use more paper. We will grow more trees. Rant over. Yes, we know part of the aggravation was probably related to grief.

Otherwise, we continued to work on accounting for all the LOLs and some of our own.  Irises on 4-13Also seems we have lots of filing to do right now. Too much paperwork! We continue to enjoy the irises we brought from the sticks and bricks. They have held up well and continue to bloom out. We are planning to go back to Blount County some time this weekend, so we can go to our church on Sunday. If they don’t get too damaged by the approaching storms we might bring some more back to FRED when we return. Hope you all have a great weekend. Stay safe and remember to be in prayer for Sunday services. Your pastors need your prayers.

In case you are interested in what is happening on the NOMADS Disaster Rebuild project in Baton Rouge, our friends who are now leading the project posted an update on the NOMADS website. Click here to read it.

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