Plugging Away in Tuscaloosa

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

How many times can I say it. It was another beautiful day in Alabama. We know it is going to come to an end but the weather is just about perfect. Forties at night, low to mid seventies daytime with sun and a few clouds. Nice.

Beautiful azaleas just outside our doorMaybe it’s the wet spring but the flowers are still so pretty. We are still parked in Mom’s driveway and the azaleas in the front flower beds are about as pretty as I have seen them. The ones in the back are way past their peak and look pretty pitiful. Our flowers we brought from Remlap are looking good too. We really didn’t know if they would continue to bloom out once we brought them in. We don’t usually cut the irises, but rather just enjoy them in the yard. Since we weren’t going to be at the house we decided to give it a try. We are enjoying.

Working on taxes
Great weather for working on taxes

We just kept plugging away at our to do list today. Filed one of the LOL’s tax returns and getting close on another. Still have lots of paperwork to handle. Canceled Juno’s insurance and paid some more doctor bills. Starting to go through a few things at Mom’s house. Also made a Publix run today. We haven’t been in Publix territory in a while so it was a nice treat. Too bad they didn’t have many BOGO’s that we needed. We did pick up what we needed to prepare a new to us recipe in the Instant Pot.  Instant Pot Chicken and Rice Burrito Bowl. Quite tasty. It’s a keeper. Visited with the next door neighbor for a while this afternoon, then got our afternoon walk. It was a good day.

Two more irises bloomed
Two more irises bloomed
View out the door tonight
View out our door tonight

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