Busy LOL Day

Monday April 9, 2018

We had another cool start to the day but it was sunny and warmed up into the 60’s by this afternoon. Nice day.

We stayed busy from about 5:30 this morning until we returned home at 7:30 tonight. There were bills to pay for the ladies and estate, and lots of errands. We started this morning in Oneonta at the rehab center, went into Trussville to the assisted living, to the bank, Camp Sumatanga and back to rehab for a 4:00 meeting this afternoon. After the meeting we had to go to Walmart to get Aunt Helen some more chocolate kisses and then back to the mountain, stopping at Helen’s and getting a 2 mile walk in with Barry and Donna. It’s always a good afternoon when we get to walk with them. After the walk we were back at Helen’s cleaning out Juno’s car. We finally made it back to the house at 7:30. We just sort of crashed tonight. We have had our hot tea, a little snack, worked on a bill of sale, typed the blog, (sorry no pics today), and now it’s finally time to just relax. Not a very blog-worthy day.

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